Your Why


Listen . . . 

Think On This . . . 

Some individuals go to their grave never realizing what it means to live with a personal calling, the why of  living.   There will be circumstances which seem to block the view of leaning into the fullness of it; however, when we are present in the presence of God, we will find the path.  It’s the story of Nehemiah . . .  a man of the ancient days . . . who accepted his why of living.

In the culture of the day, Nehemiah tasted the king’s wine to see if it had been poisoned.  He lived with the question, “Is this the day I will die?”


This had been his assigned job rather than his assigned why.

Nehemiahs thought process changed when he became aware of the need for Jerusalem’s wall to be rebuilt.  He knew deep within that it was his to do.  It impacted him so deeply that it would eventually dominate his life. 

Meditate . . . Be still and know God . . . 

Redefine and renew the call . . . your why . . . of living.

  • What impacts you deeply?
  • What changes you?
  • What dominates your days?  

Receiving the why, aligning to the why, and activating the why is a lifetime process. 

Think On This . . .

Those who give themselves to their why  . . . will find sacred abundance . . . and live their best. 


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