Your Success


Listen . . .

Think on this . . .

The ancient man, Nehemiah, knew what was his to do; however, he also knew  the king could deny it and even put him to death for being disloyal. 


He prayed, relying on the power of God to do what he could not do on his own.  

Nehemiah prayed, “Make me successful today.”  

There is a soul-deep success which is attached to doing our why of living rather than to attained position, possessions, or power.  In other words, this success is not for measuring our approval amongst others but for accomplishing what’s ours to do.  

Meditate . . . Be still and know God . . . 

God places our why deep within us, which is a piece of the restorative plan for all of humanity. It’s not planned for us to accomplish our why on our own but with God.  

Meditate on the words of his prayer in Nehemiah 1Make me successful today.” 

Think on this . . .

Success is doing what’s yours to do with God.  


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