Your Not-Yet


There are individuals who make me want to go further and do more.  I don’t even know if, they are aware of their impact on me by just knowing them, let alone being with them.

It’s essential to be around those who  inspire us to see beyond what is known, familiar,  and comfortable in the “now”  of life, giving us vision to what can be in our “not-yet.”

By the way, the word, yet, is a word of belief in the with-God life.  It’s a huge piece of faith, a catalyst to move forward with certainty there is more than what is seen in the “now.”

It takes courage and creativity to believe in the reality of possibilities, refusing to be stuck in what-was or what-could-have-been in our yesterdays, celebrating the gift of today, anticipating tomorrow, energized with mountain moving faith.

*Of course, we all have days and months when the view of the “not-yet” is blocked by more than one mountain (challenging circumstance).  The mountains between “now” and “not-yet” can make it all seem impossible. Until.  

We anchor into the soul-deep words of faith from those who inspire us.  These individuals are the ones who know we will be free from our mountains.  Their conversations are filled with “when it happens” rather than “if it happens.”  These are the words we need to hear to move forward.

The thing is . . . the dream of more in our not-yet . . . is a gift to be realized.   

So. Here’s our words to you:    Never give up!  God is at work in your “not-yet.”  The mountains will move and the impossible will be made possible.

Let the dream of your not-yet continue . . .


*Our best advice: Connect with  a life-coach, pastor, spiritual advisor, professional counselor, or trusted friend to direct, guide, and highlight valuable life-lessons when you find yourself in the hard place.

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