Luke (7)  wrote about how Jesus’ cousin, John, questioned the identity of Jesus. John, in prison, asked his disciples to question Jesus to see if He was the Messiah, the son of God. We all question. 

It seems reasonable.

  Until.   It’s realized John’s purpose in life was to make a way for  the Messiah. 

This moment in time is a revelation that no one, not even the most committed, can fully comprehend the magnitude and wonder of Christ. 

Jesus answered John’s disciples by demonstrating the power to restore the people around him, healing individuals from suffering, disease, and demonic spirits.  In other words, he relayed his answer through what he did.  

Likewise, our message is the presence of Christ within, revealed through the restorative power of the love, grace, and peace flowing from our life to others.  Our greatest message occurs when we live outside of our comfort and ability, clearly depending on the grace of God to do what we can’t do on our own. 

Your life is your message and daily legacy. 


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