I watched a certain ten-year-old perform with her peers in a casual orchestra concert. My attention was drawn to every move she made as she played her instrument.  It’s amazing to watch a human-being grow and change, leaning into their soul-deep gifts and talents.

A piece of my “why” is to be present in this specific young girl’s life, encouraging her to do what’s hers to do with excessive cheering.

The thing is . . . we all need people to cheer us on . . .  as well as to be one who cheers others, young and old, on the journey of their life. 

It seems to me, cheering is definitely a part of our “why” of living.

Anyway . . .

The “why” of life is always revealed.


It’s our choice if, we invest our life in the “why” given to us . . . our purpose . . . what’s ours to do.

The “why” is at the center of each and everything we think, say, and do.

When all is said and done, the “why” in our life is a work of grace. 

I know for sure: The “why” is underlined by relationship with God, self, and others.

It takes time to understand the bigger picture of the “why” of living:

 Our “why” is like an incredible piece of music to the soul, which can stand alone; however, our song is a piece of the symphony with all who have come before and will come after us. 

And . . . the song of the soul . . . belongs with those of the past as well as with those who are in the present and will be in the future. In other words, our “why” is connected to all of humanity.

The “why” is what makes our heart sing, producing joy and meaning in our life. Fulfillment is the long-lasting outcome of leaning into our why every. single. day.  It comes down to having a soul-deep belief that nothing will stop the purpose God has for us, except ourselves. 


God graciously gives a soul-deep “why” to each and every human-being, orchestrating all of our circumstances to come together in a way that we can do what we are meant to do.   

Psalm 127:1-3 states God is at work on our behalf day and night.  This work of grace is sufficient, providing what we need to complete our life assignment.  

So.  Let your heart sing.  Do what’s yours to do, remembering it’s all a work of grace.  We are cheering for you!


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