I served on a pastoral staff with an amazing life-teacher, an older pastor, who eventually became a great friend.  His energy never seemed to fail him.

One of his repeatable and teachable sayings continues to be underlined deep in the soul:  

The average adult expends a lot of energy by making excuses rather than actually doing what needs to be done. 

I can still hear him say:

Oh for crying out loud . . . grow up . . . and just do it. 

I loved his bold spark:

 “I have earned the right to make this statement to whiners.”

He had.

He made it clear we did not need to do everything; however, he constantly taught the all-important lesson:

You need to know what is yours to do and then you need to do it.  

The thing is . . . he became a living lesson of what he taught . . . he worked until a few days before his death at age ninety-something. He did what he had been assigned to do.

His lessons of life continue to teach.  This lesson is important for all ages . . . 

We’re assigned in a specific time and space to make a difference. Our why is a guide to what matters in our life. Life is fulfilled . . . and at the maximum . . . when we intentionally and purposefully lean into our why of living each day. 

Completing our why does not mean life will always be easy .  


Regardless of what happens along the way, God will make it possible to do what’s ours to do.

The things to know:

God assigns our why of living.

God will make a way for us to complete our why every. single. day.

God will never leave us alone to do what’s ours to do.

God will give us power to do what we can’t do on our own.

The all-important lesson . . . 

Our “why” never stops. Even so, there are times we need to be reminded our “why” remains in each and every season of life. In other words, we are to do what’s ours to do until our final breath.

Note:  This devotion and podcast comes from one of our original articles, Life Lesson: At The End. 


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