What’s Your System?


At TableThink we’re constantly evaluating our systems, determining what’s working and what’s not working.  Our evaluation process begins with the question, “Does this serve our purpose?”

This is a great question for our individual life as well as couples, families, and organizations.  The question needs to be repeated as we grow and change.  The answer to the question is dependent on what works best for who we are and what we are doing.

It’s important to note that we ask this question because going through the motions is not enough.  We’ve seen too many people stuck because they did not make the effort and take the time to put an effective system in place.  We need to be fully invested to be and do our best.  Without a full investment, there is a vulnerability to distractions and giving less than our best, which at some point will lead to a collapse and chaos.

Our investment is revealed through our effort.  We’ve also found our energy increases when we recommit to our full investment on a daily basis.  Conversely, exhaustion easily sets in when we are less invested.

First and foremost:  We invest our life with God and one another.  Also:  We invest in the life we’ve received, which includes self-care and continual learning. Ultimately: We invest in whatever serves our purpose and mission, which is our “why.”  (Excerpt from It’s Monday With Joshua and Kerrie . . . Invested)

Putting the best system in place helps to keep on course with what’s ours to do:

  1. Evaluate.
  2. Determine what needs to be done.
  3. Take action.

Once a system is put in place, we like to take a moment to celebrate because it’s cleared the way to do what matters.


Activate a system which serves your purpose.


Celebrate . . . that you are able to do . . . what’s yours to do!

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