What Is And What Could Be


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Changing “what is” to “what could be” is ultimately a choice.  No one can make us change.  


We’re not alone.  

God is present in our change, opening the door to our pathway of change, providing strength to take the steps that will bring the change, and giving us the courage to do it.We never fully comprehend what change will do for us until we take the first step and go through the door. 

Sometimes, we become our own greatest obstacle to experiencing what more God has for us.


We hold on to what is rather than shifting to what could be.

Surrender is the first step.  

When we finally let go . . . . . . surrendering everything to God . . . we’re free to experience the gift of what could be.

Word . . .

“Brothers and sisters, in light of all I have shared with you about God’s mercies, I urge you to offer your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice to God . . .”  Romans 12:1 The Voice (VOICE)


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