I lived several seasons of life running hard seven days a week.  It took time for me to realize setting aside a day to experience calm and quiet gave strength to run the race of life.  Yes.  I loved the thought of “sabbath” and would try to practice it now and then; however, it’s now become a sacred ritual.  The word, ritual, rather than habit makes sense.

 A ritual is established and observed soul deep.  

Weekend rituals, sacred routines and celebrations, are often missed despite how much they mean and matter.   Rituals bring shape and form to the soul, renewing and regenerating the life within.   Living in the sacred of life is a learned practice, rarely exercised in the rushed and busyness of the weekday.

Rituals may feel misaligned with the productive, work-driven mindset.

Weekend rituals are not to be checked off like tasks, but experienced with preparation and attention to the details of quietness and calm.  Shifting from the routine of the week to weekend rituals is an important practice for kids as well as adults.

The thing is . . .  establishing and observing weekend rituals which give space and time to take a breath and reset . . . produces the life-energy needed to live our best. 

The ancient words from Psalm 91 paints a picture of resting under the shadow of God’s “wing.” The weekend ritual allows us to not only be more aware of the covering of God’s presence but to take the time to connect, reflect, and receive.

Take a breath.  Settle into the weekend.  Think on the meaning and matters of your life.  Determine the rituals which bring calm and quiet to your soul.  Put them into practice. Experience the difference of putting weekend rituals into place.

Happy Weekend! 

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