Weekend Preparation


It’s the weekend!

Learning to slow down from the fast pace of the week is key to living the best.  The thing is . . . slowing down is not about avoiding what needs to be done . . . but taking the opportunity to be mindful of the gift of life.

This is a cornerstone piece of soul-deep restoration.  

The picture of soul-deep restoration is portrayed in the anointing of Christ in John 12.

One of the many layers of this story is restoration:  Six days before Jesus’ burial, a woman, Mary, poured an expensive and fragrant oil over Jesus’ feet to anoint him, honoring his gift of life to her.

Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus, criticized her for wasting the oil.   But.  Jesus received her gift, telling Judas, “Leave her alone! She has saved it for the time of my burial . . . ”

Jesus’ response to Judas was certainly upside down to the ancient day culture.  Women had no position or power in those days; they were at the mercy of what men thought, said, and did.  It would make sense that Judas would have thought he would be commended for his “insight.”  But.  Mary had blessed Jesus, anointing and preparing him for what was to come.

This is a revelation of our restorative connection with Christ. 

We’re no longer held by the standards of the culture or circumstances but by the work of Christ, when we enter the restorative process.

The intentional and mindful act of anointing ultimately became a symbol of preparing Jesus’ body for burial.   This anointing connects to our own soul, releasing us from what burdens and oppresses.

So, then, the act of anointing is a key piece of preparation.

What are you to prepare for Easter? 

I’ve found there’s an amazing shift in me, when I intentionally, methodically, and mindfully prepare for Easter.  Sometimes, the movement of cleaning out a few cabinets or re-organizing a room helps me to start shaking out the things that don’t belong within me.  The energy of it makes me mindful of the Easter gift of restoration.

Of course, ultimately I need time to be still to find my way to restoration.


Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or something.  Find a sweet spot during the weekend to meditate on what’s yours to prepare.





  • Determine the places you and yours need restoration.
  • Take time to prepare for Easter by connecting with Christ.
  • Be present in Christ this weekend.
  • Invite your family and friends to take a seat at your table and determine to make a restorative connection.

TableThink will be provide some Easter ideas to inspire you in tomorrow’s featured article, Sunday Soul Work:  Holy Week. 

It’s all about preparation this weekend. . . Happy Weekend! ~Kerrie

A Conversation About Holy Week

In our conversation at the table, Joshua questioned me about some of my thoughts and experiences on Holy Week.

On Palm Sunday, April 14, TableThink will  provide some resources for you to use during Holy Week.  This will include some thoughts on John 20-10-11. John, referred to as the other disciple, and Peter went home after seeing the linen cloths lying in the tomb and the burial cloth folded.

The thing is . . . they went home . . . missing the most magnificent moment in humanity’s history.


Mary went back to the tomb where Jesus had been buried and experienced more than can be imagined.

By the way . . . 

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Weekend Articles

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