Weekend Art Of Living


It’s the weekend!

The weekend *slow-down is one of TableThink’s mindful practices.  We live in a time when slowing down is left out of the rhythm and routine of life.  Until.  A crisis of living occurs,  opening our eyes to the fragility and speed of time.

Packing the schedule, putting too much on the to-do list, and planning to accomplish more than what’s ours to do becomes an obstacle and a trap.

The best advice is to implement the slow-down practice now rather than later.  The amazing gift of the slow-down will eventually produce more energy for life as the soul is awakened to what matters.  And.  The slow-down creates space to manage and reduce stress,  an important element of health for every age.

 The slow-down is recommended for the days dedicated as the weekend in the schedule.  Of course, the days labeled as the weekend might be different than the usual due to circumstances but the importance is the same, even when no one else seems to be making space to slow-down.

The slow-down practice is to be developed as a routine and habit.  Years ago, I was impacted by a book written by Edith Schaeffer, called the Art of Life.  It caused me to realize that if, I hurried through all the tasks of life, I would miss out on the creativity and meaning in the simple things of life.  The slow-down gives the opportunity to be intentionally creative in what’s ours to do.


The art of living is a process reflecting the meaning and matters in each piece of our life.  Even the simple things, like making a bed or folding a towel, are to be enjoyed as a gift and seen as a key piece of the art of living. The thing is . . . we take many things for granted . . . and miss seeing it’s all a gift.

Slow-down.  Be Still.

  • Pause.
  • Breathe.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Be still.
  • Be aware of gift of the art of living.
  • Thank God.
  • Breathe.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Repeat.

As always, you are invited to take a seat at TableThink‘s virtual table and join the conversation.


Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or something.  Find a sweet spot during the weekend to breathe, slow-down, and focus on your personal art of living.

It’s the weekend: Take time to make the slow-down part of your rhythm of life.  Breathe. Slow down. Enjoy the creativity of the slow-down. ~Kerrie

*The thing is . . . living without space for the slow-down opens the door . . .  to increased stress, exhaustion, and illness.  The slow-down is essential to our well-being and overall health.  After spending a significant amount of life with busyness and a packed schedule at the forefront, I’ve learned the weekend slow-down matters and has become a sacred gift in my life.  It’s a continual conversation at TableThink’s table. 

Joshua and I often discuss how we’ve struggled in finding space to slow down in the demands of the pastoral life.  We agree it’s a key element in our coaching and teaching.  Of course, we need to practice what we coach and teach in order to influence others to do the same.


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