Waiting For Something Better


Look at Jesus.  He revealed how to be fully engaged in each and every moment, rather than waiting for something bigger and better to happen. Because.  The present is full of more than can be seen . . . the full wonder of God . . . who is the fullness of life right where we are at in what we are doing.

And, yet, it’s easy to miss because we are waiting for something better.

Full living is recognizing the fullness of each moment.  Full living is a shift from fighting everything to calmly receiving the presence of God in each and every moment.  Full living shifts us to calmness and peace because we understand there’s so much more in the moment to be experienced.  Full living is an interconnection of every piece of who we are and what’s ours to do in the moment.

Full living is a continual revelation of God: 

God is trustworthy in the moment.  God is for us and not against us in the moment (see Romans 8:31). God invites us to be present to know more of God in the moment (see Psalm 46:10). God is love in the moment (see 1 John 4:8).   God is revealing more love than what can be imagined in the moment (see Ephesians 3:19-21).  We experience full living when we engage fully with God in the moment.

Full living begins when we stop and take a breath, becoming still to know God in the moment.  Yes, full living is possible in the most chaotic crazy moments . . . in the routine moments . . . and in the quiet moments. Full living is transforming, producing intense gratitude for the presence of God in each and every moment.   There’s nothing better than experiencing God in the moment.


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Waiting For Something Better

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