Transparent Truth


Those who make the daily decision to be transparent in truth, regardless of the cost, are heroes.

Truth inspires and teaches.   

Telling lies for the “greater good” is accepted and approved as this era’s normal; however, it damages personal and public relationships as well as the work which needs to be accomplished.

It Happens . . . 

I interviewed a variety of people to underline the message of the day in faith communities.  One gentleman, an influencer, told about making  a series of poor choices which  harmed himself  as well as others.  He ended his story describing the freedom of being transparent in truth.

Most people knew him to be an influential leader but did not know about his past.  His transparent truth inspired our faith community. 

The thing is . . . I almost canceled interviewing him . . . after discovering an influencer  had hid the truth during a previous interview with me.  To this day, I’m not able to understand the individual’s “why” to hide their truth.  It caused me to question everything about this person who, by the way, had chosen to influence others through the message of God.

Eventually, the truth is revealed. 

An email, released less than twenty-four hours after the interview, announced the individual’s “exciting news,”  which contradicted a good portion of what was said to our faith community.   I received multiple calls, texts, and emails from disappointed and disillusioned people.  The individual did not return my call and to my knowledge  has never “owned” the disparity of it.

The lack of honesty damaged the faith community’s trust.  

This story is told to understand there’s an impact and wreckage when the truth is hidden.

Let’s agree to be influencers of transparent truth, which in truth, contributes to the “greater good.”

Today’s  devotion and 2-minute podcast, “Think on This,” is a good follow up to this conversation:  A Strong Mindset.


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