Too Much

It can seem miraculous when there’s order in the day and room to breathe in our culture of  “too much.”  There’s a need for simplicity in this era.
There are many distractions in the “too much” mentality.   So.   It’s imperative to understand what’s ours to do to prevent distraction.   Three words form a grid system to say “no” to what does not belong on our to-do list:
“Do what matters.” 
These three words help to evaluate what is ours to do and not to do.  The thing is . . . “no” needs to be said . . .  even when it seems like something would be easy to do.
People are able to go on with their life when someone says, “No.”  There are people who try to change a “no” to “yes.”
I’ve learned that if, I know what’s mine to do and decline what does not align with it, then, it’s not only right for me but for others. 
Some individuals accept “no” with grace, some try to make a case for “yes,”  and some become distressed and make a negative judgement against who we are and what we are doing.
The cost is high when “no” is not said.  Saying “yes” rather than “no” produces stress, chaos, and exhaustion because we are doing what’s not ours to do.
It’s not easy to say “no” in our too-much culture. People expect and want us to say “yes” to what they ask us to do.   Adding one more thing is an accepted practice in this culture.  But.  There will never be order or space to breathe until we say “no” to things that take us off course from our “why” of living.
Your “no” matters in our too-much culture.

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