It’s official. Many people choose a word for the year rather than making resolutions.

Until.  Now.

TableThink is encouraging each of us to choose three “I” words for this year:

Inspire. Innovate.  Invest.

The thing is . . . these three “I” words are not dependent on the circumstances of our world . . . but rather, define the LIFE within.
The three “I” words are key values to living our best, giving us reason to pay attention.

Inspire–We are inspired when we are “in-Spirit.”  The extraordinary presence of the Spirit creates energy and ability, giving power to break through perceived limitations.  Inspired individuals inspire others.

Innovate--When we seek to innovate, we must be willing to think new ideas and imagine more than what most think is possible “now” or in the “not-yet.”

Invest–We invest our time and effort in our relationship with God, ourselves, and others.  Our investment profits our life as well as those we serve.  It takes risk and belief to invest in others.

You are invited to our “table” to think on these three “I” words and activate them into your daily life.  These three words are bound to change the details of living.

We would love to hear your thoughts.  Email: [email protected]






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