He told me he was saving approximately thirty hours a month.

I had challenged him and a group of friends to participate in a forty-day life-revolution of doing only what matters, an important factor of living our best.  The key piece to the challenge focused on determining the matters which aligned with our personal life-assignment.


What matters to one will most likely be different to another.  

The extra challenge for me, then and now, is to delete something which matters when I add something more.  It calls for a soul-deep evaluation.  This is the piece of the challenge which gets hard. I tend to add more and delete less.

But.  I’m motivated to have extra hours.  There rarely seems to be enough time, let alone extra time.

Thirty. Hours.

The benefit of thirty extra sacred hours is almost beyond the scope of reality.  What would life be like with thirty extra hours each and every month?  One thing for sure, if, the hours are not invested in something, the hours will disappear as if they never existed.


I made a list of what can be done with thirty extra hours.  The thing is . . . these are ideas to help promote thinking outside of the box . . . to manage our personal best rather than someone else’s best.


I’m a list maker.  Lists help me to see what is what.

The List

Please note–this is a random list without thought of what matters more than something else.

  1.  There are so many needs in this world. Giving thirty hours of service each month would be out-of-control amazing.  There are so many needs, so many people trapped in hopelessness, and so many people who need a hand.  This world would definitely be spinning around the sun with less chaos and pain through the monthly gift of thirty hours of service.   The thing is . . . serving . . . is a key piece of living the best life.  Serving matters.
  2. It’s difficult to understand time is limited with family until a generation enters their last season of life. Of course, how family is defined will be different for everyone.  The need for family is a reality.  The time given to connect with family is a powerful component of every member of each generation living the best.  Family matters.
  3. There are many people who want a piece of our time. There are fewer people who need our time. Giving our time to others will not just happen, there needs to be some  planning and scheduling to make significant connections.  The worth of sharing our time  far outweighs the work of it. People matter.
  4. It’s difficult to separate education from reading.  But.  I did.  Because giving our time to reading is not only about learning but about enjoyment and relaxation. Reading matters.
  5. There are many pathways to education in today’s world.  Giving our time to education opens the door  to reducing poverty, disease, and chaotic living.  Education matters.
  6. It’s difficult to delete unhealthy habits without giving time to developing healthy habits, which requires daily repetition.  Unhealthy habits become an obstacle and often a barrier to our best. Developing healthy habits requires attention to what we value,  setting up mile markers (goals), and the resolve to do it. Healthy habits matter.
  7. There are many moments missed because of hurrying through the day.  Hurry usually involves doing too much and moving too fast.  At the end of the day, hurrying often produces stress and anxiety.  It requires intentional discipline to slow down and be aware of what’s in the moment.  In other words, it’s imperative to live intentionally.   Intentionality matters.
  8. It’s difficult to be serious all the time without the invasion of stress. Enjoyable (fun) activities are crucial to our well being; however, this can easily be forgotten in the seriousness of the state-of-the world.  The things which make us smile and laugh are worth pursuing for living our best.  Enjoyable activities matter.
  9. There are many things which add value to each day.  But. It takes time to develop and maintain routine, rituals (habits), and a daily rhythm of life, effectively managing our time and reducing anxiety and stress.  This is crucial to living our best.  Daily routine, rituals, and rhythm matter.
  10. It’s difficult to think about living a single minute without God.   A relationship with God brings meaning to our life and beyond, giving reason to our “why”  through unstoppable relentless love and amazing powerful grace. The with-God life matters.

At the end of the day, it’s imperative to invest our time in the things which matter, whether we have thirty hours of extra time or not.



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