A hard circumstance strikes—the kind which is life-changing.  We’ve all had at least one or two hard circumstances hit . . . whether it’s relational, financial, professional, health, and/or more.  Whatever it’s based from, these circumstances seem to be against all that you and I are trying to be and do.

But . . . and it’s a big but . . .  words are written down in Romans, chapter 8, verse 31 which have been teaching humanity from the ancient days to this present day: 

“If, God  is for us (you and I) then who (what) can be against us?”

This means —no matter how hard the circumstance is—the details will be used for you. We usually don’t think much about the hard or the negative of life when our circumstances are going well; however, we feel the impact and think long and hard when everything comes at us like a tidal wave. These are the times when it’s essential to step back and realize that whether the situation is good or bad, God is working the details out despite  how it seems. The reason?  God is for us.

The Romans 8:31 principle shifts everything.



Strong words—God is for you. 

This four-word message needs to be part of our daily arsenal to manage the day.

 This is truth.

God will never leave us or fail us.

God is at work in each of the details.

God is with YOU.

God is for YOU.

If, we could see the presence of God, we would see unstoppable love in action as God walks with us in the midst of our chaos and crisis. There’s no doubt visibly seeing it would produce belief and bring calm as well as an anticipation for something good to come out of the hard of life.  The thing is . . . God wants  more than what can be thought, asked, or imagined . . . for each and every human being (See Ephesians 3:19,20).

 It’s our choice to believe God has a never-ending determination for something more to be a part of our individual life with the four-word message. 

Think on what this four-word message brings to the table, “God is for me.”

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