There are people who we’re assigned to help.  Turns out not everything is about our own life.  Serving others—is crucial for living the best life.  The first thing we need to think is how can I serve this person or people—what do they need from me?  It shifts the way we see and do life—when we love all and serve all—when we believe we are made to connect with others to be a part of something greater than ourselves. 

  We all are made to serve.  Serving moves us from good to great.  It’s important that we all understand it.  If, we all follow this principle of loving all and serving all—we will alter the way our life is lived.  When we put this front and center the level of living goes so high.   

  Our identity is to be associated with Christ—who served all.  It’s the highest form of association.  

Mark 10:45 says Christ did not come to be served but to serve.  

This is huge.  This is piece of life is for all people from all backgrounds and circumstances.   “I will serve.  I am here to serve.”  

Service can be simple . . . buying a cup of coffee . . .  listening to a hurting friend . . . going on a walk for water through world vision . . . the list goes on.   For sure, when we serve others . . . by doing big or small things . . . we’re at our best. The more we serve the more we want the best for others.  The power of service comes  through the work of grace within us, giving us the ability to do what we are unable to do on our own. 

The thing is . . . when we serve others and give our best  . . . we build on the value of serving and the outcome is amazing.   

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