I directed a conference called Oasis for almost a decade.  My life ended up being all about Oasis for one month out of the year, it was time-consuming and overwhelming.  More often than not,  I would go see my friend, co-worker, and pastor, Marly, with a list of Oasis problems.  Without fail, he would respond with a one-word question, “And . . . ?”

In response to his one word, I would list a few possible problems, to which he would ask the same thing, “And . . . ?”

I knew he wanted me to speak about God first rather than the problems.  After all, the whole conference was about God.

  • And.  “We are seeking God.  But.  It’s all a risk.”
  • And. “I feel the pressure of the responsibility, if, Oasis fails”. 
  • And.  “Yes, I know Oasis has only occurred because of God; however, the numbers don’t always add up.”

This is a common shared experience in almost every circumstance: Problems are seen and the possibility of failure seems like reality.   

But.  There’s always more to see.

Isaiah 45 says God will make the crooked places straight.

It all changes when we know God goes before us and will make a way, even when we do not see a way through it all.

It’s worth meditating on:   God you are going ahead and making a way in the hard places.”

Pastor Marly taught this principle,  refusing to be discouraged, believing there would be a way through each problem, regardless of how difficult it seemed. His one word, and, taught there’s another side of the story.

  • And. When you get down to it, we grow in faith when we can’t see a way through a situation but trust God will make a way.
  • And.  When we had our last Oasis conference. . . we had standing room only . . .  over 1500 attended of which 400 individuals said yes to live with God.
  • And.  I still meet individuals who were impacted by the work of God at Oasis.
  • And. I am still amazed. 

There’s an answer to the question, “And?” 

  “God is going ahead and making a way in the hard places.” 

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