I’ve been in the thin place . . . where there is little, if any, distance . . .  between heaven and earth.

As a pastor, I’ve walked with amazing people in tough times.  I watched them go through the storm with super strength.  As the winds of adversity rocked their world, they reached out to experience the love of God, trusting all things would work together.  I knew without doubt, they were in the thin place as they weathered the storm.

The thing is . . .

I’ve also experienced the thin place in the once-in-lifetime sacred celebrations of people of all ages— where the joy of love is visible as the heart bursts and the soul dances.  The thing is . . . from the outside . . . it seems these people have it all.  But.  I have had the privilege of knowing many of those celebrating had walked the pathway of deep sorrow in their past, walking a long path to find their way out.

And . . .

There are times the thin place finds me.  It happens when one of our little ones is crazy-excited to see me, when I sit at the table with family and friends talking about everything and nothing, when someone goes out of their way to do something beyond reason, and of course the best and most powerful—when I know there is love no matter what.

So . . .

I pray you enter into the thin place today, where heaven and earth meet with the kind of love which changes everything and everyone.

1 Corinthians 13:8b (NLT): “But love will last forever!”


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