A man, considered an icon, known throughout the world for his work with the poor and needy sat at the table.  We waited to hear what he had to say, ready to change, and experience, whatever was necessary to impact others as he had done.

His few words spoke volumes and continue to echo with hope: “God has a plan. God never fails. God will never leave you. Live your life in God’s plan and you will never fail, even, if, the whole world thinks you have failed. Why? God has a plan.”

These words are important, especially when we move through the darkest places of life. No matter how bleak life becomes, God has a plan for something more in our lives, connecting us to a deep sense of purpose and passion.

The thing is . . . it’s easy to think God’s plan would be boring . . . but Habakkuk an ancient prophet saw it differently.  Study the words in chapter 1 verse 5 of his book from the NLT: “Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days–you would not believe if you were told.”

In other words, God’s plan is far from boring, it’s astonishing!  Life changes when agree to accept God’s astonishing plan for our life. 

It’s easy to think God’s plan is boring when we live our own way. BUT it’s astonishing when we engage with all God has planned.

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