Just in case you didn’t get the million memos, Valentine’s Day is . . . yep . . . still scheduled for tomorrow.  There is another side to Valentine’s Day.  It can be a challenge, making one feel like they were back in grade school, sitting and watching everyone open their Valentine cards without any of their own.

First of all, remember it’s one day.  It’s a day which comes and goes.  It’s a day to be lived with purpose and passion.  It’s a day to focus on what matters.

Believe it or not, the day is not about cards, flowers, or candy.  

There may be a list of disappointments when it comes to Valentine’s Day; however, there’s a choice to rise and experience the gift of the day.   Of course, rising above the hard of life requires grit and determination.   The effort and energy required to move beyond it all may seem too much . . . until . . . the payoff of freedom is experienced.

Why not invite friends or family to do something with you?  Make the day about connecting with others.

Drink coffee and eat chocolate.

Enjoy a walk.

Eat pizza.

Watch a movie and eat popcorn.

Give yourself and others a special gift.

The thing is . . . living our best each and every day . . . is what matters.

Podcasts and Devotions About One Day


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