January 2019.

We are excited to have you here!  It’s an amazing time.  The TableThink team has been working hard to get to this time and place.  We had barely begun when we started over, which made it seem impossible.

We defined TableThink’s mission: 

The TableThink team strives to be a global personal development influencer through inspiration, innovation, and investment.  We are committed to do our best, inviting everyone to our table, serving each one.  

We delineated what mattered and had meaning on the TableThink to-do list:
  1. A daily source for inspirational information, innovative ideas, and a new kind of  community connection.  
  2. A unique personal development and growth system with an emphasis on faith.
  3. A virtual table where everyone is invited to connect to their best through articles, artwork, products, coaching, courses, podcasts, and videos.
  4. A place where people and organizations who serve others will connect and collaborate.
  5. A partnership with creative individuals to connect and promote their inspiring and innovative work.
We determined to be value-driven as individuals and as an organization, applying ten core values:

I will live a meaningful life.  I will:

1.  Love God.

2.  Love myself.

3.  Love others.

I will live a purposeful life.  I will:

4.  Align.

5.  Assimilate.

6.  Activate.

I will live a fulfilled life.  I will:

7. Inspire.

8. Innovate.

9. Invest.

I will live an influential life.  I will:

10.  Live.

We designed our daily manifesto, which may be one of the shortest in history: 

We will rise, going above and beyond the challenges and circumstances presented to us. 

We will never settle for less. 

We will seek God’s more.

We will love all and serve all. 

We will do our best.

We developed a magazine style website, tablethink.com, which will be frequently updated with new articles. 

TableThink–features articles and podcasts about our online community.  The article, Joshua and Kerrie Talk, is a part of a conversation we shared about how personal details led to a connection, which led to beginning TableThink.  Joshua states, “Only, God could have orchestrated this whole thing. It’s crazy how our stories connected before we met. We both served at the same church but different decades – we both planted a church, but at different times.

At The Table–features articles with ideas and conversations formed at TableThink’s virtual table.  Check out the article, This Year’s Three Words. The meaning of the three “I” words are key to fulfillment in life.  The article explains,   “It’s official. Many people choose a word for the year rather than making resolutions. Until.  Now.  TableThink is encouraging each of us to choose three “I” words for this year.”

Living Your Best–features articles focused on the matters connected to living your best.  Take a moment to read the note addressed To You.  We are reminded, “You are a traveler of sorts, moving through time and place.  You are on your way to be and do more than can be imagined.”

TableRead–features articles focused on reading, particularly for families.  The TableThink team discussed the incredible power of reading, believing it needs to be promoted to the next generation.

We asked Tiffany Carter, a wife, mother, and educator, to take the lead with TableRead to encourage and inspire families to read.

We are inspired by her article, TableRead, to read more. Think on one of Tiffany’s statements,  “I also believe in the power of conversation around books and stories. Reading can be a powerful experience- especially when it is a shared experience with others.”

We agree Tiffany.  The TableThink team is committed to read more and start more conversations about books and stories. We hope you will join us!

Organization–features articles with principles from TableThink’s systematic organization.  We recommend starting with the article, Declutter Your Life.  “We underline the statement, “Please understand . . . decluttering is not about perfection or keeping a set of rules . . . but rather a doable system to manage the “have” and “have-to” of living.”

Your Tribe–features articles about our connections with one another.  We’re excited to begin this section with an article about adoption, Called To Adopt.  Think on this statement, “The call to adopt is a soul-deep strong love for an orphan.  It becomes a driving force to do whatever is required in the adoption process.”

Inspirational--features articles inspiring us to see God’s presence and power in every. single. day.   Check out Something Brand New and this statement, “The thing is . . . new . . . means change. Sometimes change can freak me out for awhile . . . however, the more I  get into the rhythm of change . . . the more I want to make the change of new.  But.  And, this is a big but . . . tablethink is an over the top, unbelievable, amazing, brand new change for our daily lives. . . this change fills me with awe.”

We decided to produce two podcasts shows.

Think On This” is a daily program which can be found on iTunes and podbean and with Amazon’s Alexa! The TableThink team built an Amazon Skill so TableThink could be installed  on an Amazon device to listen to “Think On This.”  We are so excited.

1.) Open your Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

2.) Click on the Menu – Select Skills & Games.

3.) Search for TableThink.

4.) Select to Install the Skill.

5.) Listen to the latest from your Alexa.  Simply say “Alexa, tell me the news from TableThink”.  Alexa will play the latest episodes you have not listened to.  When you are finished simply say “Alexa, Stop”.

Our first show,  Who Is Against You, can be listened to here.  The written devotion, Who Is Against You, focuses on four words from Romans 8:31, “God Is For You.”

If you have any questions or issues let us know via our contact form.

And, we began the TableThink podcast which will be a conversation of ideas and innovation between Joshua, Kerrie, and guests.  Our first TableThink podcast gave a few insights to what TableThink is all about.   You can go to iTunes or podbean or listen to our first one here:  TableThink podcast

~We will be releasing podcast interviews as well as a written story companion.  Our first to be released features Nancy Carlisle and Linda Hernandez-Munguia who tell their story, explaining how they were led to serve in our community.  These two work hard in serving BackPack Buddies.  The article and podcast show will be released in mid-January.  A couple of weeks later, our interview with Roy Carlisle will be released.  He has influenced authors and readers for decades.

These are a few of the many individuals who have sat at our table and shared their story.

We are partnering with individuals to produce exclusive work for TableThink, promoting their inspiring and innovative creativity.  

Our first partner is Monica Pynch.  She is producing exclusive artwork for TableThink.

Look for our upcoming article and podcast about this amazing artist.  You can find out more about her at chasingwill.com.

One more new thing to discuss–TableThink courses.  Our first course, Rise, and the following course, Systematic Organization, will be offered in a revolutionary way.  We can’t wait.

TableThink’s new beginning is changing the course of our lives, challenging us to live our best with more in store.  Enjoy this month of new beginnings–Joshua and Kerrie

Insights to TableThink: 


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