I had not understood the magnitude of the issue . . . until . . . I sat in a room filled with  young parents.  Each one had their head down, focused on their phone.  Every. single. one.

I wondered if they understood the cost.

I had come to watch a specific five-year-old ballerina hop, skip, bow, giggle, and twirl.  She knew I had made a commitment to watch her.  I kept my commitment to be fully present for her.

Yes.  I had a long list of things to do.

Yes.  I could have used the time to complete some work on my phone.

Yes.  I have had times I’ve made the choice to pay attention to my work rather than the person.

But.  I’ve learned I miss what’s important when I’m not present in the moment.

And.  The dynamics of life change when we miss what matters.  

The thing is . . .  nothing could or should replace . . .  giving time to be fully present in the lives of those who matter in our life.  Nothing.  

Smartphones are a phenomenal innovation and marvelous tool to help do what’s ours to do; however, these tools hold the potential to be a destructive weapon in the most important matters of living.

Mindfulness to what matters is essential.  An honest assessment of how the use of a smartphone aligns with living the best will help to determine if, using the phone has become an addiction or a distraction.

Questions to think on:  Is there time  in the day when your phone is put away?    Do you turn your phone off to be fully present in a specific setting with specific people?  Do you panic when you can’t find your phone?

It’s time for this issue to be addressed.  Be mindful of the use of your smartphone.  Determine to be fully present in the matters of living.



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