A key TableThink value is to “Live our best.”

It’s easy to think of living the best as trying to attain the perfect life; however, it’s about living to the absolute fullest every. single. day.  This negates dead-end thinking, breaking free of a failure mentality, breaking through shame and blame, and breaking away from perceived limitations.

Psalm 18:30 explains this power to live our best is soul-deep grace which resides within and surrounds like a wrap-around shelter. 

Accordingly when we accept the grace of God, we step into our best. As we often say, grace is the power to do what we can’t do on our own.


Grace is the soul-power to be and do the best, giving sight to see the possibilities, hope to dream, courage to move forward, energy to endure, and faith to soar.

Grace moves us beyond settling, giving the power to live beyond circumstances with intention and awareness of the goodness of it all.

Yes.  It’s all a process.  

A part of living in and through grace is giving ourselves and others the space of grace to rest and reflect.   This requires an acceptance of what is and an expectation of what will be.  Because . . . God . . . always has more.  Always.


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