Thanks In Everything


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. . . In everything give thanks . . . (I Thessalonians 5:18, NASB).

To give thanks for everything seems too hard . . .  until . . .  it’s practiced. 


It changes our perspective from looking for God to seeing God in the day.


Make gratefulness a part of your day.

Stop. Take a moment to pause and consider the gift of life.

Be still and know God. 

Focus on being grateful for everything and give thanks.  

Giving thanks is an element of living our best. 

Giving thanks is a way of life . . . an art and an attitude . . . changing the way we live.

Giving thanks is the choice to make it a great day.  

Be attentive to what you have received. 

Take time to give thanks in everything . . . it will change how you perceive the day . . . and how you live it. 

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