When life is studied, it’s clear the meaning of life is found in relationships. It’s simple and powerful to think on.


Taking time to develop our relationship with God, self, and others gives deep meaning to every. single. day.  

One of the greatest challenges of developing relationships in today’s culture is the lack of time.  The pressures and stress of the lack of time often becomes an obstacle to connection and effective communication, which is the key to strong relationships.

Those who have strong relationships choose to take time to talk, listen, and be with one another. 

It’s common among many to put off connecting and communicating when the list of tasks is long and the schedule is packed.  Yet . . . most of us make more of an effort to connect and be in communication . . .  when someone has little time to live.  Urgency miraculously clears the calendar.

Taking time to connect and communicate does not need to be complex or a trade.  In other words, taking time for relationships does not mean we miss out on something else.


A strong relationship with God, self, and others impacts the rest of life.  A wise, bold daily move is to take time to connect and communicate.  It matters.

The effort to do what matters produces an energy to live our best.


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