We live in a time when bad news is anticipated.  

Actually, it’s a part of humanity’s  history.  Years ago, I religiously listened to the morning news.  All I heard was bad news.   Eventually, I realized the bad news broadcasted in our home  impacted the way the morning started.   


The bad news did not stop when I went to work.   In fact, it became a main topic to discuss at work.  In some ways, we built our work community on our shared concern for the bad news of the day.

The thing is . . . a healthy mindset . . . is as much about communicating good news as it is thinking. 


We re-designed our morning routine at home. Instead of the morning news, we listened to devotionals and music to ignite positive anticipation of what the day held.  It’s one reason TableThink produces the daily 2-minute Think On This podcast.


I stopped joining the conversations about the latest bad news at work and began a self-imposed campaign to be encouraging and up-lifting.

One of my life statements became:  Life is full of surprises.  

And, it is.

The surprising and amazing elements of the day are in place; however, it requires an anticipation of the best rather than the worst.  

In chapter 15 of his book, Matthew paints a word-picture of a crowd streaming uphill by Lake Galilee to be healed. To know the stories of the individuals who walked up the hill would be fascinating and enlightening.  I’m certain they were soul-deep tired from all the negative and hard pieces of life.  


I’m certain being in Jesus’ presence would have been healing to those who were open to the more of God.

Jesus healed the people.  

The Passion Translation uses four words to describe the crowds response to the healings: 

  • Marveled.
  • Raptured.
  • Amazed.
  • Astounded. 

It ended up being a day of good news.  The four words describe the day as beyond what they had ever thought or imagined. It’s how we are to think and imagine every. single. day.  Even so, the weight of circumstances often obstruct the view of the surprising presence of God. 

Life is richer when we look for the surprising good news instead of being constrained and pressured by the negativity of the day. 

  • To marvel is to be in speechless awe.
  • To be raptured is to be intensely joyful.
  • To be amazed is to be beyond imagination-stunned.
  • To be astounded is to be startled and dazed.

Develop a mindset of good news.  Communicate the good news.  


Life is full of surprises!


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