One of this past week’s headlines focused on an individual who attempted to advance his career without the energy, time, and work of doing what was his to do. In turn, he stirred up the media, creating national headlines for and against him. We certainly don’t know all the details that led him to take this path; however, this story reveals the need in our era to see the demise of attempting to have immediate fulfillment.
The truth is . . . when we are ready . . . more will come to us.
A crucial piece of this precept is to understand growth generates momentum to take us to the next. Growth magnifies what matters. One of the greatest challenges of growth is to understand the value of having to wait to get to the next.

Waiting can be extremely difficult. A crucial point of waiting is hope . . . an anticipation . . .  of more.   Psalm 130: 5-6 describes hope as the x-factor of waiting.  

The thing is . . . waiting . . . provides the opportunity to  hope in God rather than in a real or contrived circumstance.  Unfortunately, we can get so bound up in the challenge of waiting that we gradually lose hope.

Hope is a force which changes how we view waiting.  We need to look . . . really look . . . and see that even in the most difficult circumstances . . . God is at work.   Isaiah 43:19 says to look for God’s new work, making a way to the next. Believing God is at work is crucial to fanning the flame of hope.

There are always many pieces to a story. One thing for sure is . . . when the x-factor is missing . . . nothing makes sense.

Hope is the x-factor.

Wait with confident hope.
Wait on God.
Look for the work of God in the waiting.
Believe God is making a way as you wait.

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