As far as I’m concerned, Oregon’s Cannon Beach is one of the wonders of the world.  Its infamous Haystack Rock rises above the shoreline, underscoring the miraculous work of God.  I’ve enjoyed walking on the sandy shoreline in this amazing place alone as well as with family and friends, mesmerized by the giant rock secured ocean deep, rising far above the deep waters. 

Before I even arrive at Cannon Beach, I’m hoping the tide will be low enough in order to walk close to the Rock,  exploring its wonders as well as the tide pools. 

Seriously . . . finding nesting puffins is surreal . . . and breathtaking.   

Amazing moments occur . . .  in the spaces of wonder . . . shifting our perspective, allowing us to see more. 

Have you thought about why specific spaces on earth were made?   

There are a million or more answers to the why of God; however, I do know one answer is the deep shift in the soul which occurs when we enter a space of wonder.   It’s a respite from pressures and problems. 

The thing is . . . when we step into a space of wonder . . . we are renewed with hope in the more of God. 

Our best comes  with the belief and knowledge that God is present with love and compassion, caring deeply about every detail.

Without taking the action to find a space to decompress and become new, there’s a risk of becoming isolated and disconnected from God.

We are often unaware . . . of our need for a space of wonder . . .  until we have been flattened by busyness, pressure and problems.

It takes effort and intention to refocus and see beyond what is coming at us.  

Psalm 8 says the wonder of God is seen when we look up. 

Even so, we often keep our “head-down,” focusing on the work of navigating through the stuff of life. 

To experience the element of wonder, we need to look up and intentionally refocus.  

If . . . we were continually aware of the work of God . . . would we be in a constant state of wonder? 

The ability to see and experience wonder is a gift.  Be intentional.  Find a space which produces wonder in you.

Take a breath . . . look up . . . be aware of the sacred work of God and allow the wonder of it all to renew and recharge you.

Look up each and every day . . . learn to see the wonder . . . take time to let it impact you soul-deep.  It matters.

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