Sunday Soul Work: The Best Moments


I can say for sure that the best moments in my life have occurred in the sacred space of love and grace.  There’s no condemnation in this space because it has nothing to do with the rigidity of rules or expectations but rather with relationship. It’s a vital piece of TableThink.

The sacred space of love and grace is where “more” is experienced. 

John 1 is worth meditating on today, letting it awaken the soul for the first or millionth time to the dynamic and living space of love and grace.  It’s impossible to describe this space in words.  It’s more mysterious and undefinable, more miraculous and unlimited, more powerful and unstoppable than what could ever be thought or imagined.

This space can’t be contained in one or a million moments.  It’s a space to find wholeness and well-being.  No other space can compete.


It’s the reality of Christ.

Sunday Soul Work: 


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