Sunday Soul Work: Surprise!


Surprises are the best.

Just when there seems to be nothing new around the corner, something surprising, something unexpected, something astounding rounds the corner and finds it’s way to you and me.

It’s what happened to the ancient man who had been blind since birth. By the way this man’s name is not mentioned in the story recorded in John 9, underling a perceived lack of worth in the ancient days.  It’s the element of surprise in his story.  At first glance it seems the plot of the story revolves around Jesus’ power to make the blind man see, which of course is surprising.

Actually, it’s beyond amazing to think what it must have been like to see after being blind for a lifetime.  His story fits right into the old song, Amazing Grace:

I was blind but now I see. 

The blind man was not expecting to be healed.  No one saw it coming.  So, it had to have been a surprise for everyone as they watched the blind man open his eyes and see the light for the first time.   It’s incomprehensible to think he could see what he had only heard, smelled, and touched.

I imagine the energy of joy was felt by all those who were present to see the man healed.  

Even so, the self-righteous religious elite of the day did not welcome the healing, making it known they were annoyed and even angry that the man, who had been invisible in his poverty and blindness, drew attention to the power of Jesus on the Sabbath no less.

To be known is to be valued.

 The ancient man lived in obscurity. He had no value to society.   No one would have thought he had any right to be blessed.

And. The blind man made it clear he had not known Jesus at the time of the healing.


Jesus knew him . . . and went out of His way to heal . . . and make Himself known to the blind man.  

*The healing was a surprise.  No one could understand it.  Certainly, the blind man had not expected life to change.  He had been blind to his value until Jesus came to him.

  • Do you see the story is about being known by God?
  • Do you see how this healed the blind man soul deep?
  • Do you see this is the most surprising element of the story of God and humanity?

The simplicity of the message of the story is powerful.  Take time to see yourself in this story. Meditate on the truth, anchoring it soul-deep:  You are known by God.

Enjoy the surprise of being known by God every. single. day. 

*John 9:30

Sunday Soul Work: 


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