Sunday Soul Work: Routines


Over the years I’ve developed routines in my lifestyle.  It’s what human-beings of all ages do.

*The thing is . . . not all routines . . . serve our best.   

The best practice is to evaluate what is and is not the best routine and shift to the best.  Because.  Living our best aligns with God’s plan and purpose for every. single. day.

Living our best today is a trajectory to living our best tomorrow.

Living the best is possible each day through the power of grace.

So . . . 

  • It’s possible to forge forward, regardless of the challenges.
  • It’s essential to make the shift in our belief system from the “impossible” to “all things are possible” in order to live beyond the power of circumstances.
  • It’s amazing to be freed of believing it’s impossible to break through it all.

The Thing Is . . . 

There is a time when it makes sense to start . . . because nothing is accomplished without starting.

 Pieces Of Life

Our life is intended for best practices in the pieces of life for all ages.

Develop the best structure for the best routine.

      1. Learn what’s best.
      2. Know why it’s best.
      3. Implement what’s best.
      4. Review why it’s the best for you.
Life Assignment:  Your Why

Each and every human being is born with a life assignment, our “why.”  Ultimately our “why” is the opportunity to participate in God’s restoration of humanity through love, grace, kindness, and all gifts of life.  It’s what brings meaning to daily living and is the best.  It’s to be a part of our narrative.

Best advice: First and foremost develop and be laser-focused on your core values.  The best flows out of our core values.  The key to these core values is to anchor them soul-deep.

We filter everything through the core-value grid at TableThink. 

Time and Energy

Age does not have anything to do with how time and energy are managed.  The gift of the day is given to each individual.  Even so, the gift is easily missed when challenging circumstances come our way.  We can become so focused and pressured with the circumstances that we never seem to be able to do what’s ours to do.

What we put off today is most often what we regret tomorrow. 

Days are wasted  and our life-assignment is put off when time and energy are not managed effectively.  Part of managing time and energy is to create and implement a daily schedule each month.

TableThink has many articles discussing the value of the meaning and matters of living, which is a key element in determining what is and is not to be on the schedule.  Take a look at the these two articles:

Intentional Purpose

Start The Day

Best advice on time and energy: 

#1: Know what’s yours to do. 

#2: Commit to do what’s yours to do

#3Make space for a weekend slow-down from your weekday pace . . .  The amazing gift of the slow-down will eventually produce more energy for life as the soul is awakened to what matters.  And.  The slow-down creates space to manage and reduce stress,  an important element of health for every age.


Healthy routines are key to living our best.  Health is not a diet or exercise program.  Health is a lifestyle.  Unhealthy routines can be shifted to healthy routines.

Is it a challenge?  Yes.  

But.  It’s best practice for living the best. 

Do you have health concerns and/or challenges?   What can you do to navigate your health to live your best?

Example:  Is your diet serving or hurting your best?  Determine what’s healthy to eat.  Make healthy eating your routine.  Healthy eating is not a diet but a lifestyle.

There are some produced foods like chips and sugary cereals which do not promote health.

Remove what’s not healthy from your home.  Replace the unhealthy foods with healthy foods.  Plan a menu and grocery list for 30 days.   The menu and list can be reused each month with minor adjustments to fit what’s yours to do.

The thing is . . . our health and every piece of living our best . . . begins with our mindset.

Take a look at this article which gives six powerful ideas to develop the best mindset: 

Daily Decisions

God has not only planned for the best but comes beside us to discover and implement the best routines of living.  The process is just as fulfilling as the outcome.  Be encouraged . . . there’s more . . . today and tomorrow.

*Connect with  a life-coach, pastor, spiritual advisor, professional counselor, or trusted friend for direction, guidance, and wisdom. 

Sunday Soul Work: 



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