Years ago,  I  walked six miles each morning during a week-long visit in San Diego, meditating on five words from Mark 5:

“Don’t be afraid; only believe.”  

 After a few mornings of thinking on these words, I stopped and wrote this note in my pocket journal:

The pathway to believing is not always easy; however, I can say from experience, it changes how I see and respond to life.  So. I am taking the walk of belief today, believing for the impossible to be possible, for sorrow to become joy, and for all things to become new. 

Life Happens

I felt energized and excited to go deeper into the realm of God’s possibilities, realizing God is the God-of-more.


Before I went further, my doctor called and said, “You have a life-threatening health issue.  I need to see you today.”

I honestly did not believe her.  I was sure my test results belonged to someone else.  So, I said:  “I am out of the state for a few more days.  Why don’t I make an appointment when I get home?”

The doctor insisted she needed to see me as soon as possible.


I made an appointment for the day I returned.   The thing is . . . it seemed like a big mistake . . . so, I invited one of my daughters and sister-in-law to come with me to try out a great coffee shop near the doctor’s office.  After all, it was still a vacation day for me–so, why not?

The test results were mine.

Even so, I experienced peace and a soul-deep calm, making it possible to move forward with belief in God’s more.


It’s been several years since that day.  The words became one of my life-statements, anchored deep in my soul: “Don’t be afraid; only believe.”   

The thing is . . . the diagnosis has been challenging . . . however, each day has been and is a gift. I continue to learn amazing lessons of how God is the God-of-more.  I know for sure that God has used this challenge for me to do what I’m assigned to do.

I’m not saying God created the situation. I’m saying the challenge will never have power over me . . .  and will be used for me . . .  as I choose to live the with-God life.  

It’s what I call the  Romans 8:31 principle–“If, God is for us–who (or what) can be against us?”

I encourage you to become stronger through meditating on the Romans 8:31 principle and the five Mark 5 words: Don’t be afraid; only believe.

And . . . 

Intentionally begin the day by centering your first thoughts on the Romans 8:31 principle and the five Mark 5 words.

I can say for sure that this soul-deep practice is a catalyst to rising above whatever comes.  This. is. truth. ~ Kerrie

For you to know: The results did not stop us from enjoying time together in the coffee shop.

Finally: I hope you will find time to read the following devotional thoughts and listen to the 2-minute podcast, Think On This: Only Believe.

Mark (chapter 5) wrote Jesus was surrounded by a crowd, a common theme in the gospels.  Clearly, the presence and power of Jesus was irresistible.   In the devotion/ podcast, An Interruption, we discussed a woman who received healing through touching Jesus’ hem.    Jesus stopped and took the time to discuss the healing with the woman.  In turn, his conversation delayed getting to the home of the Jewish leader, Jarius, who had asked Jesus to heal his dying 12-year-old daughter.

While Jesus talked, Jarius’ household servants came with the news of Jairus’ daughter dying. Jairus must have been reeling from the impact of the thought of his daughter’s death.  And, while he had to have been amazed at the woman’s healing, it must of have been hard to realize the healing interrupted Jesus from healing his daughter.  


Jesus gave him an immediate response to Jairus’ servants news with two words, “Only believe.

I can only imagine how confusing these two words were given his daughter had died. 

  • What was he supposed to believe? 
  • How was he supposed to believe? 
  • Why would believing make a difference?   

The thing is . . . he had to choose to believe Jesus . . . rather than the news of the servant.  

His belief took resolve, which in turn gave him the courage and energy to perceive the situation differently and to continue believing Jesus could heal his daughter, even in death.

Because . . . 

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of believing God is limited. 

To believe when . . .  every detail reveals it’s impossible and every person says it’s impossible . . .  seems impossible.  

Jairus’ belief is a miracle, certainly a gift, and most definitely a work of grace. 

So . . . 

Jairus’ belief makes the moment of his daughter’s healing beyond understanding.

Imagine Jairus, the mother of his daughter, and three disciples walking into the room to see his 12-year-old without life.  It’s hard to think about, let alone to realize the reality of the situation.

And, then . . . 

Jesus  took her hand, telling her to wake from the “sleep of death.”   There are so many layers to this story.  The New Testament Greek word, sozo, connects the healing of the woman and the girl.  They received soul-deep healing and made whole.  

The group in the room had to have been impacted by the power released from Jesus.  No one could have ever been the same, especially Jairus, who experienced the power of believing Jesus.

Think On This . . . 

Jesus took the girl’s hand, symbolizing what we hold, release, and receive.

  • Jesus held her hand . . . a picture of grace giving her the power to hold . . . what she could not hold on her own.
  • Jesus spoke healing . . . the power of death released from her soul . . . freeing her to live fully.
  • Jesus connected . . . giving life . . .  . . . and she received soul-deep healing.

Meditate on Mark 5 today and underline its meaning deep in your soul.  Evaluate what the two words mean for your life:  “Only believe.”

Sunday Soul Work: 

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