Sunday Soul Work: Leap Of Faith


*Sometimes comfortable is not our best. Even so, it’s easy to slip into the way  life has been lived because it’s comfortable.  The uncomfortable places require a leap-of-faith, which often makes us feel more uncomfortable; however, it’s an amazing experience to go beyond what has been.  

Would you take a leap right now, if, you knew it would all work out?

The thing is . . . it’s especially challenging to take a leap . . .  when life is already challenging.

One of the greatest risks of taking a leap is ending up with more challenges than less.  It has happened more than once in my own life:

The door opened for me to receive a masters of divinity and to be an ordained pastor after years of being told, “no.”  The “no” was said because women clergy were very controversial.  Actually, it continues to be controversial for many people. 


The “no”  . . had become a comfortable element in my life . . . and a key piece of my story.  I knew crossing the threshold of  “yes” would result in some people rejecting me and definitely would require more energy and time than what seemed possible in my life.  I felt relieved with the thought of declining the opportunity. 

(Photo by Shelly Mackerell Photography)

In the midst of a very busy day, when there did not seem to be enough time to breathe, a handful of people encouraged me to see the opportunity as part of my story.  I realized the decision needed to be based on what’s mine to do rather than if, it would be comfortable or not.  So. After years of the “no” I entered into the “yes” with a simple prayer:  “God,  give me the strength to leap.” 

(Photo by Shelly Mackerell Photography)

Taking the leap of faith to attain a masters of divinity and ordination led to some big challenges. Even so, it ultimately provided a crucial element of who I am and what’s mine to do.

(Photo by Shelly Mackerell Photography)

As with anything, there’s a bigger picture than what is seen when we take a leap of faith.


There’s always more in the with-God life.

The thing is . . the comfort of comfortable . . . is often an obstacle to experiencing the more of God.  Our best advice is to leave comfort behind and take a leap of faith to experience more.

*The grid of this conversation comes from the Old and New Testament—the full, complete unabridged story of God—the crosspoint of life.

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