Adversity is the hard of life. 

Adversity is elicited from the challenges of problems, obstacles,  trauma, tragedy, trials, suffering, sorrow, and a million other hardships. 

The thing is . . .  adversity is often a catalyst . . . to a life transition. 

How adversity is viewed impacts the outcome and the way life is lived.  It’s okay to have big “why” questions; it’s a part of the process of going through.   


Regardless of the answer or the lack of an answer,  the choice of how to proceed must be made.  The ancient words give a picture of determination and belief: *”Having done all . . . stand.”

These wise words rock my soul and have been a guide as I made my way through the storms that arise in life.   


It often feels like there is nothing to do  when the winds of adversity rise with fierce strength; however, these words make it clear to be action driven when it comes our way.  Sometimes our effort to find and implement solutions is all we can do in the storm of life. 


After doing all, standing in the storm of adversity is extremely hard. 


Others stand with you. 


People often leave us to stand alone in the face of adversity, which makes it more challenging to stand.

Even, so.

There will be those who see you standing and choose to stand with you.  Conversely, there will be a day you will stand with someone in their adversity.  Standing to face adversity is standing in . . . 

  • Belief.  
  • Peace. 
  • Hope. 

Ultimately, standing is about trusting God’s love for you.  And . . . when you receive the love from those who stand with you and when you give love by standing with someone . . .  the dynamics of adversity change.  Because. Love changes everything.

Take these words to heart and anchor them to the soul:  *”Having done all . . . stand.”

Podcasts and devotions with helpful coaching tips to stand: 

*Ephesians 6:13

Sunday Soul Work: 



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