Sunday Soul Work: Greater Joy


The sun rises and the darkened images of the night come into focus in the early morning.


Heaven’s Light breaks through the darkness of humanity producing clarity and comfort.

It’s a gift to experience the Light coming into the darkness of a situation or season of life.  Eighteen years ago, I sat in the hospital beside my beloved friend.

I begged God to let her live.  She had three children, a husband, family, and friends who needed her.  I could not imagine living without her. We were in-sync with one another.

We named each of our three kids with “T”s. Mine: Tricia, Tiffany, and Tim. Hers: Trevin, Trey, and Taylor.  Even our dogs had “T” names.  

 She came into my life when I had to be in bed for almost three months because of a high-risk pregnancy.  She took care of our two-year-old, household, and me.  Later, she took care of my girls while I worked and refused to call it babysitting because they were “her girls.”

  I stayed by her side with the birth of her sons and when she was too far away, I talked with in the labor and delivery room, as she gave birth to her daughter.  I took care of her oldest while she went on the road to be with her husband and his band. 

We spent a good portion of time laughing and having crazy-fun doing the most simple things. We loved DIY home projects and shared a love for blue as well as red.

We never missed our birthdays or the third of every month; my birthday is April 3 and hers is November 3.   We told each other that the third of each month was the frosting on the cake.

We shared the book of Psalms often, referring to it as the revelation of God’s heart.  We prayed almost every day together and believed in each other’s soul-deep character with fierce loyalty and love.  

I wanted to connect with her in the worst way.  I felt the darkness of death making its way towards us.  I read the book of Psalms to her as she lay still in a coma.  It’s all I knew to do. I spoke the written words with hopelessness and despair.


I reached Psalm 4 . . . and read the Psalmist words . . . as if, it were a closing prayer.

“You have placed joy in my heart greater than the joy

when grain and new wine are plentiful.

In complete peace I will lie down,

and I will sleep, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:7-8  (EHV)).

I stopped.  Everything shifted in that moment.  I felt a profound connection.  It seemed like we were sitting side by side on the edge of eternity, watching the Light of Eternity break through the dark images of death.  In that moment, I knew that regardless of what I did or did not understand, my fierce and loyal friend had peace with what was about to happen.


I knew she had received greater joy than what her work on earth gave her.  For you to know, my friend was an extremely passionate mom and wife.   Even so, I had been assured she had unimaginable joy beyond what was hers to do.

The space in time helped me through the years of grief and missing my amazing beautiful friend.  I’ve told about this experience with many grieving people.

In fact, we put a sign in our kitchen with the profound words:  “You have filled my heart with greater joy.” 

I encourage you to meditate on these words.

 Receive the power of the words which break through the darkness. 

Let the words speak to you~Kerrie

Connect with  a life-coach, pastor, spiritual advisor, professional counselor, or trusted friend for direction, guidance, and wisdom. 

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