Sunday Soul Work: Grace In The Deep


Have you noticed? 

This world is immersed in problems. 

One thing is for sure: Unrelenting grace is needed.  It’s not easy and sometimes seems impossible to respond in grace.


It’s possible.

Read Paul’s explanation of how grace impacted his work in I Timothy 1:4: 

I’m so grateful to Christ Jesus for making me adequate to do this work. He went out on a limb, you know, in trusting me with this ministry. The only credentials I brought to it were invective and witch hunts and arrogance. But I was treated mercifully because I didn’t know what I was doing—didn’t know Who I was doing it against! Grace mixed with faith and love poured over me and into me. And all because of Jesus (The Message).  

Rest on these words and seek to understand what this message of grace means to live the best.

Lost In The Deep

There are many people lost in the deep, waiting and wanting something more. No one is immune.   In one instant, life as it’s known can change, taking anyone to the deep.  And.  There are some in this world, who’ve only lived in the deep.

In the deep of life,

there’s no release and no tomorrow.

Lost in the depths, numb, without breath, the world is gray and still.

It’s hard to imagine God is present.  

Calling out to God echoes throughout time. 

There’s a feeling that no one will hear. 


When we invite everybody to our table, we have the opportunity to listen to understand, rather than to fix. 

Our response is love, “Your call is heard.”


In reality, there is a shift, when someone calls out and is heard with the grace of love. 

The waters of the deep stir.


Grace like waves, spill over, repeatedly, relentlessly, covering.

Never ending, grace comes wave after wave.  Regardless.

The Power Of Grace Surpasses

The world is in the deep and needs an awakening to the power of grace.  Once again, it’s time to ask the Spirit to fall fresh, pouring grace to overflowing.

 Grace overcomes in the deep.  It’s like being born, made new, not the same as before.  But.  Alive.


The problems seem too big, too much, and too impossible. 


Grace is the power to do what we can’t do on our own. 


Grace far surpasses the impossible, reaching out to the lost in the deep, making all things new.  

Sunday Soul Work: 


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