Sunday Soul Work: Grace Connection


It’s worth our health and well-being to take a long look at the way we connect in our relationships.

Our connection interfaces with our narrative. 

The thing is . . . our mind interprets and attaches emotions and feelings to the connection . . . which is a major force in determining whether the connection is unhealthy or healthy.

Grace is key to developing healthy connections with one another.  Grace is an exquisite gift revolutionizing the way we relate with one another. Grace is amazing.

Our connection with God is through the power of grace, which gives us the power to connect with one another through unconditional love, unstoppable mercy, and unending forgiveness. 

In other words, grace is the power to do what we’re unable to do on our own.  That said, it’s often easier to receive grace than to give grace.


It seems like we should be able to give a little grace at a time.  Doesn’t it make sense that a little grace is better than no grace?

The thing is . . .

A half-hearted attempt at giving grace goes nowhere.


When we refuse to give grace, we are refusing to live fully and wholly in grace. 

Grace is all or nothing.  Grace is a powerful force which changes the way we live when we are all in.

    • Determine grace to be an essential value in your connection with others.
    • Respond with grace in words and actions.
    • Be grace.

At the end of the day, giving grace releases what does not belong within ourselves, freeing us to see the best, believe the best, and live the best.

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