It seems to me that as our culture fails humanity,  more of us need to consider making space for the sacredness of the table, where everyone is invited to take a seat to be loved, valued, and heard.

The table has been an anchor in our relationships from generation to generation. We’ve lived in many houses of all styles and sizes, wanting each place to be a welcoming sanctuary for all those who come our way.   Creating a sacred space for our table became an essential part of it, reserving time to gather with one another, sharing the meaning and matters of life.

When we come to the table, we choose to give time to one another, which in this era is HUGE.  Because.   To take a seat at the table means saying “no” to other things in order to be present with one another.   It’s one of the most meaningful gifts we will ever receive as well as give.

The table was important to Jesus.  He had the “deep desire” to sit  at the table with friends  before his  death: “When the meal was prepared, Jesus sat at THE TABLE, joined by His emissaries.  Jesus: It has been My deep desire to eat this Passover meal with you before My suffering begins” (Luke 22:14-15 Voice).

The picture of Jesus at the table with his friends before his monumental, history-changing death is profound.  The meaning of the table is not to be disregarded but embraced as one of the most sacred places to be with one another.

Whether, it’s a shared cup of coffee, a dessert, a simple meal, or a million-dollar feast, something amazing happens around the table:  We are face-to-face together, giving space in our life for one another!

And, what’s most important about the shared table:  EVERYONE IS INVITED.  EVERYONE.


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