An unexpected moment occurred not to long ago. An emergency of sorts changed the course of the following hours. Life can seem fragile when everything and anything changes in one moment. But. . . .  how we get through these moments . . . is determined by our response rather than the circumstance of it all.

If, we acknowledge God, refusing to freak out, we will experience a standstill moment when we know God is in control.

The standstill moments are —when you know— despite the hardship of a circumstance—you’re experiencing the break-through power of God.  Consider what happened after the ancient man, Joshua, prayed during a battle.  The story is told in the ancient book of Joshua, chapter 10: The sun stood still and the moon stopped, when Joshua asked God to help him during a harsh battle. 

In other words, Joshua’s response was to pray for the situation to change.  When you get down to it, uncertain challenging moments do not determine the course of our life, but rather when we respond with certainty that God can and will break through it all.  

Asking God to come into the situation is the key to the experiencing the standstill—the breath-taking moment of God’s breakthrough power of peace, love, hope, and all that God is in the midst of the battles of life.  There is a clarity, a standstill moment, when we know we will get through the battle because God is with us.  

Today.  Remember the key to the outcome of all things is responding with certainty that God not only shows up but breaks through it all with standstill moments. 

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