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The story in Joshua 10 tells about the ancient man, Joshua in a life and death battle. Joshua knew he could not be in the battle on his own.

He took the time and effort to pray, trusting in the the reality of the presence and power of God.  He did not rely on his own ability, but trusted God for what he could not do on his own. 


He did not succumb to the pressure in the moment.  He prayed, specifically asking for more time. 


The sun stood still and the moon stopped.  

This is a revelation for each one of us . . . our response to the presence of God . . . rather than the uncertain and hard moments determine the course.  Look close at Joshua.   He stopped, stood still, and acknowledged the presence and power of God with astonishing faith.  The presence of God rather than the battle became the headline of the story.  Being present in the presence of God is key in everything and anything we face.    

  • Stop.
  • Stand still.  
  • Acknowledge God.  
  • Pray.
  • Trust.

God, who makes the sun stand still is committed to you . . . remaining with you in every moment . . . making all things possible . . . and doing far more than what you could ever imagine.

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