The last couple of weeks have been challenging for some of our TableThink team.  They had to navigate through the deep waters of some details which seemed impossible.  We talked through the process of shifting from seeing the situation as a massive problem to a challenge to see more.  The thing is . . . waiting . . . for the answer made it more challenging.

Seeing more in the situation began by accepting the challenge of *Jesus’ words, “Consider the lilies.” 

Shifting our mindset from problem/solution to challenge/innovation makes a difference in how each day is lived. Our energy increases when we accept the challenge to be innovative. Conversely, energy decreases when we are loaded down by the negative elements of a problem.
  • A challenge is an invitation to engage, conquer and win. The anticipation of the win increases as innovation is employed. Innovation is produced from new ideas and methods. When you get down to it, we are healthier when our mindset is focused on the pathway of the win.
  • A problem is unwelcome and often perceived as harmful. The stress of a problem increases when it’s ignored or remains unsolved due to the lack of a long-term solution. A problem focuses on what might be lost, eliciting worry and stress, undermining our health.

I encourage you to focus on Jesus’ prescribed essentials to develop a strong “winning” mindset as you manage what’s yours to manage:   

  • Do not worry . . .
  • Life is more . . .
  • Consider the ravens . . .
  • Consider the lilies . . .
  • Seek the kingdom of God . . .
  • Do not fear . . .

(Luke 12:22-34)

These specific phrases clarify how to address and navigate the details of living.

Train your mind to shift from the focus of problem/solution to challenge/innovation.

Innovation is the catalyst to your progress in life. 

Accept the challenge . . . engage . . . conquer and win.  You were born to win the challenges you face!

*Luke 12:22-34


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