Revising (Part Two)


The hard of life strips away what does not matter, giving room to find and see the gift of soul-clarity.  It’s ours, if, we choose.  Soul-clarity opens the door to Truth, revealed by the Spirit of God.  This is not our personal truth, framed through experience but unending Truth for all of humanity.  This is huge, especially when we have framed truth around a soul-wound.

When we come to the place of recognizing and receiving pure Truth, we are freed from the things which have created wounds as well as the walls and barriers built out of the fear of being rejected, hurt, and harmed.  In the end, our own framed truth will become rigid and rule-oriented.  We are able to release what we have perceived with gratitude and joy when we receive Truth.

Because.  The Truth Is The Truth.

The journey of Truth is never-ending.  Truth transforms the mind, heart, and soul, revising the narrative of our story as we sit together at the table.  Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and that truth will give you freedom” (John 8:32, Voice).

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Revising (Part Two)

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