A friend of mine says, “The fruit of our life tells the good and the bad of our story.”

The production of our fruit is dictated by our choices.  Jesus’ words recorded in John 15:1-16 explained the best fruit is produced from doing what we are assigned to do.

First and foremost, we are assigned to love. Fruit without love will rot and smell.

Fruit, whether it’s good or bad, is our legacy.  Nothing ends the assignment to produce fruit.  Psalm 92:14 notes those who choose to live the with-God life are producers of the best fruit in their old age.

In other words, the fruit of those who live the with-God life gets better with age, which goes against the way aging is viewed in today’s culture.

The days of our entire life are to be productive.  Yes. The way fruit is produced will look different in each season; however, being fruitful is key to living our best.

Productivity is an element of a fulfilled life, while the lack of productivity leads to a general malaise of the soul.  

Our time and energy is to be used purposefully in order to produce fruit.  It’s easy to be distracted from what is ours to do.  A daily plan of what needs to be accomplished and how it’s to be done sets the pace and tone of the day.

Without a plan, frustration dictates, energy dissipates, and the drive to accomplish disintegrates.

Planning is work; however, planning is a key piece of producing the best fruit:

  • First things first:  Meet with God in meditation and prayer.   Giving time first to God directs the rest of the day.   TableThink’s daily podcast and written devotion at “Think On This” is produced for this very reason.
  • Plan the rest of the day to be productive, keeping your morning and evening routine in mind.   It’s helpful to make time at the end of the day to evaluate your fruit by asking,
    • Is today’s fruit produced from love?   
    • How does today’s fruit make a difference?  
    • How does today’s fruit tell my story?


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