Present In The Already


There’s so much missed in the day.   I’m continually learning there’s a bigger picture.  In fact, what looks impossible and too hard today is often what I look back on as the catalyst of the miraculous more.

It’s worth taking a breath . . . intentionally releasing the anxiety in the moment . . . to be  present in the miraculous of the “already,” intentionally surrendering negativity, fear, and anxiety to God, moving into gratefulness and joy.   Because.  When we choose to be present with gratefulness and joy there’s a shift within our soul as it becomes clear whatever we hand over to God is transformed into life.

In all honesty, this response often feels uncomfortable when there’s something too hard to comprehend.  Anxiety may seem more comfortable because there’s a magnetic draw to negativity, fear, and anxiety within the mind.

It takes inner soul-work to move out of the comfortable to experience gratefulness and joy, viewing the presence of God with an openness to a bigger picture, which is the more.

Meditate On This

We exist in God (from Acts 17:28). 

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