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Deuteronomy 31 is an excerpt from Moses’ wise words at the end of life.  When you get down to it, Deuteronomy is Moses’ journal of his learned life-wisdom.  The leader, Moses, had experienced fear and discouragement in his life; however, he told the people to refuse it by trusting in God’s continual presence and work in their life.

When fear or discouragement take over . . . our energy and passion for life dissipates, decreasing our ability to believe God has something more . . . creating a feeling that nothing will work.   If, we continue in this pattern, we eventually disconnect  from God’s supernatural presence and power.

Mose’s journal (Deuteronomy)  is worth reading and underlining the soul-deep words: Do not fear or be discouraged.  Be encouraged:  God is with you.  God will go ahead of you. God will not fail you.  God will never abandon you.


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