More Than Enough


Luke 9 tells the story about a crowd, who had gathered to hear Jesus teach and became hungry.  You can only imagine the conversations going on between Jesus’ team, the disciples, as well as between families and friends in the crowd talking about who should have brought lunch.  We all have discussions that easily blame others for lack:   “If only . . .  you would have . . .  ” 

There was one small lunch . . . 2 fish and five loaves . . . which belonged to a young boy.  He gave all he had to Jesus, who multiplied it, which could not have occurred without him. There was more than enough.  

I wonder if they learned to think and say, “What if Jesus uses this situation to perform a miracle?  What if . . . ?”

If . . . we change the way we think . . . focusing on God rather than on the details of our circumstances . . . shifting from if only . . . to what if . . . our story will shift from the impossibilities to the possibilities. 

This story is similar to the one Luke wrote about in chapter 5 . . . the disciples had been fishing all night . . . their nets were empty.  They gave Jesus their boat to use for teaching.  Afterwards, he told them to lower their nets again.  They had more than enough. 

Their fish story went from lack to more than enough.  This is the walk of faith . . . to see our lack . . . is God’s more.  

It is a new day. God will make all things new.  Look again at your life.  See God in it.  Surrender what you have with the belief God will transform it to more than enough.   personalizes your story.  

So. What if. . . ?

A Conversation About Holy Week

In our conversation at the table, Joshua questioned me about some of my thoughts and experiences on Holy Week.

On Palm Sunday, April 14, TableThink will  provide some resources for you to use during Holy Week.  This will include some thoughts on John 20-10-11. John, referred to as the other disciple, and Peter went home after seeing the linen cloths lying in the tomb and the burial cloth folded.

The thing is . . . they went home . . . missing the most magnificent moment in humanity’s history.


Mary went back to the tomb where Jesus had been buried and experienced more than can be imagined.

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