Monday is our day to re-commit ourselves to our personal values, goals, priorities and protocols.


We are re-committing to the daily decision to define our day by the meaning of life.  It’s at the top of TableThink’s ten core values:

I will live a meaningful life.  I will:

1.  Love God.

2.  Love myself.

3.  Love others.

In other words, relationship is the meaning of life.    It requires intentional action to keep all three components of relationship  . . . God, self, and others . . .  first and foremost.  This is especially challenging when there’s a long to-do-list to complete.

When we are task-driven rather than relationship-driven our “why” in the day is misplaced. Of course, there are many reasons to distract us from giving value to our relationships.  It comes down to a decision to do what matters.

We’ve learned to make time for a check-in when we are working on TableThink projects, giving the team time to debrief as well as to dream.

An important piece to the check-in is to listen to understand rather than to fix one another.  This means we refrain from interrupting or talking over one another.  We’ve made a purposeful decision to respect what is said.  And.  We choose to be nice to each other, which is often missed in the world around us.

The check-in underlines the value of relationships at TableThink.   It not only helps to keep our team strong but has often been a catalyst to inspire us to make innovative changes.

When all is said and done, a check-in is vital for relationships.

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

Monday–Joshua and Kerrie


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