Monday is our day to re-commit ourselves to our personal values, goals, priorities and protocols.


We are re-committing to the daily decision to live our best.  It’s easy to think of living the best as trying to attain the perfect life; however, it’s about living to the absolute fullest every. single. day.  This negates dead-end thinking, breaking free of a failure mentality, breaking through shame and blame, and breaking away from perceived limitations.

Everything about our life comes from the grace of God.  It’s a gift.  


We commit to putting God first in everything.  The thing is . . .  God’s grace . . .  gives soul-power to be and do the best, giving sight to see the possibilities, hope to dream, courage to move forward, energy to endure, and faith to soar.

There is more to be experienced.   


We commit to putting dreams into action every day.  A dream moves us beyond settling.  This means there needs to be a plan for the outcome.  It requires intention, awareness, and downright work to live the best.

Mistakes and messes come our way.


We commit to keep everything in perspective, learning from the situation, and moving forward to the best. Forgiveness is a key piece. We forgive self as well as others. The work of forgiveness releases the unhealthy power residing from something or someone, producing peace, calm, and freedom.

What is done now will impact the not-yet.


We commit to love and serve all.  These two elements of living are the catalyst of living our best.


We commit to being grateful for the opportunity to live our best.

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie


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